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Prices are quoted by the bin and are dependent upon availability. Count per bin may vary from year to year due to weather and growing conditions, and are meant to be a guide only.

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Pumpkins are sold by the bin, not individually.
600/bin in 24in. bin; weight: 4 oz.
120/bin; weight: 3-5 lbs
85-90/bin; weight: 6-10lbs
40-45/bin; weight: 10-18lbs
25-30/bin; weight: 18-25lbs
18-20/bin; weight: 25-45lbs
4/bin; weight: 60-90lbs
Other Fall Decor
25 bundles of 10/bin
Heirloom Pumpkins
Fairytale, Jarrahdale, Cinderella, and White Pumpkins are all available upon request. Please specify in the "About You Event" area.

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